Monday, December 31, 2007

End of the Year Celebration of Sound and Silence

It was a very unusual festive season.
Each child is in its own nest.
Each child is on its own adventure.
It was a very good feeling as a parent to see your children soar, especially at the time of celebrating the Birth of Jesus. It was a special heart gift given unawares and unasked for, which are always the best gifts!

This year, when the song started, “Silent Night, Holy Night” I did not cry, I did not sigh, I sang right along with the words and kept all the blessings right there in front of me and celebrated each one with a silent blessing on that holy night. That was a most unusual event for me because I have not been able to sing that song in years without crying – so I had my own little celebration right there and right then too. Peace and silence were the gifts given and received.

This Christmas was full. Cookies to bake, cleaning to do, birds to feed, ideas to blossom and lots and lots of laughter, love and hugs, hikes and walks to take, shopping to do, sights to see, sisters to visit with and nieces too, cousins visiting, new traditions to replace the old! It was very full of fun and lots of healthy noise.

As the holiday dwindled so did the noise. The silence was welcomed and very productive in its own way. You can sort things out in silence. You can look at things, count things, and measure them in accuracy. All while knitting, reading, or sitting in a hot tub. Silence after the noise is very good indeed. This was different from a retreat silence or a Sabbath silence – this was a cleansing silence. The season of mourning is at end – life and tradition can now move forward anew.

Here are some pictures of cookies, socks and laughter…

Please note that the socks have about 36 inches of yarn left over. I did not believe the clerk at the LYS that 2 socks could be made from one skein - and so there is another skein coming in the post soon!
Yes, the Pizelles were nummy - both batches! And yes that is a very full couch of life, love and laughter
Happy New Year. Happy 2008 to all.

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Janet Szabo said...

Love the pictures and the description of your Christmas holiday! Have a wonderful 2008! With lots of knitting!