Monday, December 10, 2007

December 10 - what a great day!

There have been birthdays that I have dreaded - let us say 29 was not my favorite bday but 30 was fine.

For some reason I was mistaken in thinking I was 57 all year long when I was only 56. Today I am 57. And I am standing when I say that!

I had a great day - lots of phone wishes that make me feel good that others know my number! Lots of smiles all day and that was a great gift. I had time alone which I relish and time together.

In the gratitude column I have many too many things to list - the Dear Husband is number one. He is too sweet to me and always gets such thought filled gifts - replacement items that the dog chewed from VS. Candle sconces because I broke one yesterday with a candle lighter and a WREATH. Plus dinner at a favorite restuarant where they serve poached salmon - it don;t get no better than that!!

All our married years we have had wreaths - most were hand made by me in the fall for the Christmas season - but since we have been here life has been so devastatingly changing - that if fell off the horizon line - so - now - - - I will start collecting for a hand made one in the spring...

I also drank a cup of chamomile tea that I grew in the garden this summer with Stevia leaves and some lemon balm - OH dear that was good... nothing like a little garden planning in December....

OK sleep beckons - tomorrow I will start the day with joy and exercise - then the rest of the day will be as good as it can be - RESOLVE for the 3rd anniversary of my 19th birthday!


Janet Szabo said...

Happy Happy Birthday, you 71% non-conformist you! Gardens are great expressions of faith so you go ahead and plan yours. :-)

Joanne said...

Happy Un-birthday! I hope your special day was wonderful, and your year is great. You visited me on my blog, and I wanted to respond. I live in south-central Kentucky. (alas, far away from you) I'm in Bowling Green, about 70 miles north of Nashville. It's not a metropolis, but it is where Western Kentucky University is, and that's where my professor teaches.