Tuesday, January 1, 2008

GOAl for 2008

I am already two inches into my new socks (VBG)

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Joanne said...

Hello! You asked on my blog about whether my swatches were pilling. I did not test for that, because my swatches had to be sent off, brand new and fresh looking, so that yarn shop retailers can choose their new shop yarns based on those swatches. Pilling happens because the ends of fibers (sometimes short ends) work their way out of the yarn. It happens with most animal fibers, in my experience, with wear and friction, over time. You can carefully trim or pull off pilling, and it tends to lessen over time as the short ends work their way out of the yarn. The only animal fiber yarns that don't pill at all are usually spun and knit very very tightly, and have few or no short ends. It's very rare. I hope this helps? I find that, over time, almost everything I own, handspun, handknitted or commercially made, pills. It's just entropy, it seems to happen!