Saturday, December 29, 2007

We had company today!

Not just any company - family.
Do you know how good that sounds in my head and heart?
Do you know how happy it makes me to have a sister visit?

I have spent a lifetime not having family visit us because we did not live in the Hometown.

So now to have a sister, neice, brother in law come for a visit - I was thrilled and enjoyed every crazy minute.

My children were here too - but they are part of the sight sound and taste of home - but my sister came to visit - - it was the best day of the year!

Thanks, sister.

Hope the Mister feels better tomorrow - seems he is getting what the Son in law had on Christmas day - so much sharing going around here - - so now the house is quiet and everyone is home in their nest...

Off to bed for me - tomorrow the only chore is to finish socks... and post the picture here...

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