Saturday, December 22, 2007

what a day

OK so here is the story

DD#3 is on her way to Guatemala for a vacation to visit a friend who is doing missionary work there. Her flying interim was spent visiting with me - we chat and we text - I will miss those convos over the next two weeks...

I started my Christmas shopping today.... still not quite in the spirit but I will get there... My sisster is visiting between the holidays and I am happy about that!

I had my annual migraine first day of vacation event! How typical is that!

The dog got stuck so far under the deck that the mister had to do the low crawl under the deck to get him. Jackson is getting lattice for Christmas! We are getting a new front door and a new deck door - Santa is very good to us!

So what have I been doing with the needles...
in this book is a pair of socks called Columbine which is a favorite spring flower of mine... I have been knitting them for DD#1. I have the first sock finished and was almost to the heel of sock two when House came on the TV.
Well I should have put he sock in the bag! I tried to knit while watching but that did not work. I ended up ripping out all but two inches of the sock! I am ready to watch boring TV and finish this sock... not while watching House which comes on at 11 pm! I love that show because he is a brilliant smart ass and he gets away with it... if life were more like this I would have a fine time!
OK Tomorrow is alraedy here...
I am ready for some sleep and I love the feeling of vacation now that the necessary miagraine headache has passed... bring on the fun!

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