Thursday, December 13, 2007

Anatomy of a tear

Tears form a thin layer that covers the cornea and conjunctival epithelium (skin). The functions of this ultrathin layer are:
1. To wet and protect the delicate surface of the epithelium.
2. To inhibit infection by mechanical flushing with each blink and the action of chemical components within the tear film.
3. To provide the cornea with necessary nutrients.
4. To make the cornea a smooth surface for light to pass undistorted into the eye.

The tear film is composed of three layers.
a. A superficial oily layer derived from the Meibomian glands situated along the eyelid margins.
b. The middle aqueous (water) layer supplied by the main lacrimal gland and minor lacrimal glands (Krause and Wolfring located in the conjunctiva superiorly).
c. A deep mucous layer derived from Goblet cells scattered throughout the conjunctiva.
The oily layer helps prevent rapid evaporation of the tears, and the mucous layer helps the tear film to adhere to the surface of the eye.
Changes to the tear film components, and or the surface of the eye cause instability resulting in what is called dry eye syndrome.


OK so there you have the real explanation - let me tell you the reality: My eyes were rivers falling off my face so much that I had chapped cheeks!

I saw an eye specialist that ordered a medicine that cost $100 and burned like crazy then made my eyes itch like crazy - that went out the door. Then they wanted me to take a medicine that causes glaucoma when I already have narrow angle glaucoma and have been told to never take any medication that has that counterindication!

I saw my family physican who told me I did not have strep and that I should see an eye doctor.

I called my eye doctor that told me to see another eye doctor because he was out for two days.

The final doctor listened to about 4-6 weeks of history and asked about 50 questions. It was a very good exchange of information. Turns out that I produce too many cleansing tears and not enough of the waxy goopy tears. So I need tear duct plugs that have a very fancy name. I currently have temporary plugs in my eyes and they are a GOD SEND. Final installation is December 26 - GOD IS GOOD


So whenever you hear the Bible verse about being Carefully and Wonderfully made - you can believe it - God made tears in three layers - who would have thought - God does make us so very wonderful and all the balance in our bodies is a miracle indeed.

Knitting a sock with a fun lace pattern - getting ready for Christmas - going to do a different form of Christmas as we are all pretty much done with stuff but sure have fun hanging out - so we are planning some hanging out events...

Read the Bible story - see how God made us so very wonderful indeed! Psalm 139 around verse 13 I think...

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