Saturday, June 3, 2006


Sounded like it was going to be a day when things would get done. Not so much of what was on the list got accomplished - but I did off road pretty effectively.

Meetings on Saturdays seem to be highly productive - I am glad that they were church meetings and not work meetings.

Odd and ends and laundry. Communion bread made. Learned how to make shishkabobs. Recipe that has been avoided for some reason - husband likes beef and I like shrimp. Chicken is a good compromise. Talked with my sister. No photos of the knitting, but did get a pic of the truck in the backyard. Hair cut, some polekite shopping and spent time outside with the dog so he could get some exercise.

I have a talent for washing the cell phone. Second time this week. Wonder if it will resurrect itself one more time. Currently sitting on the dehumidifier with the fan blowing - - oh well - - I forgot that the jeans have these crazy side pockets that go all the way to the cuff. I checked all the other 4 pockets. The pants were muddy and I was certainly grossed out having to look in the pockets anyway.

Rest beckons, good Sabbath thoughts to the readers.

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