Saturday, January 19, 2008

And now we wait...

I belong to a great group of internet friends who are amazingly into herbs.
We share ideas on growing them, drying them, saving them and using them.
We have people who distill them.
We have people who earn their daily bread by selling them.
There are some amazing educated herbal authorities that weigh in from time to time. I have learned about such things as Oregano Oil and Holy Basil from them.
Currently we are having a winter swap. One small tablespoon of herbal blend of your choice, some instructions, all inside a #10 envelope. I have received three so far. The condition of the herbal packet upon arrival helped me determine how to package mine.
Here they are all enveloped and addressed up! I even found a Post Office open on Saturday really near my house.

And here is the mailbox - ready and waiting!

On another note - the husband and friends are doing a project for a church group and I have had the day to myself so far - I have to feed the birds - we are suppose to get to a whole 4 degrees tomorrow... so maybe I will have socks to show you tomorrow... maybe... right now there is a map to do...
Waiting, sometimes patiently...

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