Sunday, January 20, 2008

Socks, nuttin' but socks

All weekend long

Socks - two patterns at a time

One to think about and one to just knit.

One to do from the toe to the top.

One to do from the top to the bottom.

I should have two pair by the end of the month.

Might be a personal best.

The 17 high degrees were a big help today that is for sure.


On other matters - DH is reading a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad - sounds interesting - what we teach our children about money....

DH also got a book about Audacious Hope... that I will read. A C.S. Lewis book - so there may be fewer socks in February - but more reading - sigh. So many things and so little time.


Itty (cat) was fine today. Her mother told her I was coming to take care of them and Itty bit Mom - she was equally aloof with me. Somehow she managed to pull the food dish to the center of the rug area in the front room. I am pretty sure that was not in the rules as approved.


Looks like NY Giants agains NE Patriots - might be a good game to watch... Sorry Green Bay!


Monday beckons

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