Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Knitting Year 2008

2008 = a great knitting year

A few names are common in my house. Chris, Joe, Tim and Keith are words used daily and I have three girls and two grand daughters. These are neither their significant partners nor family members. They are not the family pets or local friends. These are talking political heads. They are full of comments about the day to day (hour to hour) of running for President 2008. They have countdowns, numbers of the day, constant banter and are great sources of little known facts about the Democratic process. The constant comment of these people keeps me quite entertained while I knit. It makes for lively discussion between the mister and I. We really enjoy the season of talking political heads.

I sincerely hope that come spring that the campaigns allow time for gardening, otherwise I am not going to he a happy camper and may have to have a radio in the garden tool bucket with me.

I remember as a child watching the scratchy black and white TV and the speeches by such people as Dwight Eisenhower, Charles DeGaul, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. I remember marches in Selma, Alabama and on the park at the Lincoln Memorial. I remember how sad it made me to watch people be fire hosed in Selma and in Mississippi when all they wanted was the same simple life I was living. I had parents, siblings, a father that worked and a mother that stayed home. I did not realize what hate and prejudice were until many years later. The two talking head at the time were David Brinkley and Chet Huntley. I do not remember them explaining very well what that was all about in a satisfactory manner. I do remember a reverent silence after the clip.

I am addicted to watching what they say. In fact at night I get my "Chris Fix" while exercising. I am always amazed when they are on target. Of course, in the last week they all ate their fair share of humble pie as New Hampshire made history in the results. Of course, I am not going to say who my candidate is because that has not really been determined. Another reason to watch and listen.

One think I do know is that knitting and Monk Marathons are dangerous. If I am too caught up in the Monk Episode I loose count of stitches and rows and that creates TINK-ING (backwards knitting) which makes me sad! House is another TV show that I will never knit through again. House takes all your attention – all the time!

Further details in the knitting world, I have finished one sock from the Beverly McCarthy Sock Book and I only have to do one inch of trim on the Cat Bohrdi sock. I know it is two socks and they are different socks but they are a pair and it is only 13 days into the year. I call that reason to celebrate. That will put me ahead of my goal for a Sock a month goal.

I have a few more goals for January. I would like to start February with no projects left on the table. That means I need to finish 2 topographical maps of Jerusalem and 30 Dove kites. I explained this goal to my Granddaughter when were doing some recycling this weekend. It is not much, but it is a start.

Well that should be enough links to keep you interested in what happens in the off hours of the day. I have someone I read called the Curmudgeon. He is in Chicago where rain cold and snow are almost as powerful as the politics.

Rest and relax snow cometh ...


Karin said...

tell me more about the carbon conscious consumer thingie, and how I get that button onto my blog too?
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Where fibers meet mud said... is the link for the 3c site

when I did got the link there was a quiz or a pledge that I took and in the end it gave you the link

it has made my husband and children more aware each day about carbon offsets

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