Sunday, July 1, 2007


Sunday, productive in that I played all day after church...
In the garden, cut the grass, went to dinner, went to the Bookstore (Summer read: BLUE SHOES by Anne Lamont) and watched a movie Bridge to Teribithia. It was a book long before it was a movie...
Full day!
Above pictures...
There is an ample amount of goodness in my life.
I have many heros in my life.
There is a couple at the end of the street that we always see together.
We stopped on Saturday and told then that they were our hero.
Turns out they have been married 57 years June 30, 2007.
They were married before I was!
People need heros of all sorts.
I have been lucky to find many in my travels.
The Teddy Bear was my Mother's Day present.
Her name is Petunia.
I have long collected Teddy Bears.
Petunia is special.
She came into my life on Thursday, June 28, 2007 but I gave her my birthday so she and I could understand the aches and pains on rainy days!!
She has a mate but his picture would not load. Next time...
The sock is further because when all was said and done yesterday I got wrapped up in the one more row syndrome.
Say a prayer for all those that travel this night.
Those who weep and watch this night.
Pray for surgeons and those facing surgery at 9 am tomorrow in Cleveland.
Be thankful for your good health and do something tomorrow to ensure your continued health.
My DH has stated that he has been in the curiosities business lately. Been playing Rube Goldberg of sorts. Today as I was describing this frame that I want for my berry bushes next year I admitted that a goodly amount of his Rube Goldberg is my doing.
I have this idea and tell him what I want - the dimensions etc. and he makes it so.
Did I tell you I have a great amount of goodness in my life?

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