Thursday, July 26, 2007

Message from Casey

Dear Dad,

I thought I was in heaven. With the way you treated me, the good times we had, and the life that I was living---I didn't know that I would go to sleep and wake up in dog heaven.

I guess I am writing this email to you because I wanted to say a few things. First I gotta say thanks. I know humans say you can't choose your parents and us dogs are in the same boat. But if I had to choose I would have chosen you and mom. You both were listed under my "ideal" category. I didn't know God would actually give me you two.

So, thanks for everything. Thanks for how you rubbed my belly, let me out the backdoor, gave me brothers and sisters, fed me more than I could have ever asked for and took me to more places than I could remember.

Second, I should say that you were the best. I know I was getting old and you loved me until the last day, last minute, last second. I guess I couldn't expect any less. You had it in your heart to take me in when Jan couldn't handle me. You were looking for a good home, I was looking for a good home, and we kind of just fell into place.

I fell into love with you and your beautiful kids. Especially you. I think we were best friends from the start. You know I would have done anything for you. Lord knows you did everything for me.

Up here in Dog Heaven I am getting all kinds of dogs barking about how well I had it. They bark about you a lot, all of them barking that they wanted you too.

Well, God had something special in mind when he put us together---and boy am I going to miss you. Not only you but everyone. Last, I knew I was going. In the middle of the night when you thought I was barking I was singing to you... I knew I needed some practice but I was just trying to tell you that I loved you and that I was going to miss you and mom. I sing much better up here.

Don't worry. I woke up yesterday and my tumors were gone, I took off running and for the first time in about three years I had no arthritis pain. You even knew how to get rid of all my pain.

Littl’ bit says hello and she is as young as beautiful as ever. We have caught up on our time apart and plan on sticking close to you. Dog heaven is a little better because they took away all my pain...but boy was it great living with you.

Dad, you are the greatest. Tell everyone I said good bye and that all my pain was gone as soon as I fell asleep. I will be with you forever Dad....always remember that.


P.S. Make sure Indy doesn't get near my two cats. I got friends in high places now.
Thanks Brian that was the sweetest thing and just think no calories!

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