Saturday, July 28, 2007

So what is in a dream?

Few thoughts:
  1. I never remember my dreams.
  2. I seldom sleep 6 plus hours in a row.
  3. Currently the only common denominator in my life is change.
  4. I am not afraid of change - I have done much to prepare for it inside - mostly prayed to accept what was to come.
  5. Trying to take each minute as it comes and not anticipate what is ahead because that causes anxiety and stress when things turn out different.
  6. My plate is full and I have abundantly been blessed.

So the other night - Sunday or Saturday night - I went to bed around 11 or so which is common. I went right to sleep and slept very soundly for about 5 hours or so. I then had this dream...

It was a beautiful summer day. I was in the backyard and the kids (not sure if they were my own children or my grandchildren) and I were playing some game with a ball and we were laughing a lot and just really enjoying ourselves. We noticed some birds and butterflies in the air as we played.

All of a sudden we saw a "HOPTER-COPTER" as we use to call Helicopters when my own children were small - it is a family game to rename things like that.

All of a sudden we see the "Hopter-Copter" swirl about in a huge circle and flip upside down continuing to swirl in this big circle. Reminded me of some of the M*A*S*H movies I have seen where they showed a crash or maybe another war movie - that vintage of helicopter.

I screamed "the children" and woke up as it cleared the trees what seemed to be about 50 to 100 feet away. I never saw the crash. There were no flames or noise. The trees remained green and the environment serene.

I told my friend about this dream and she said there was probably a lot of fodder there for an analyst. I agreed.

I rolled over and went back to sleep for a few more hours. Very strange indeed.

To me it says there is change about you - no one is going to crash and burn - but normal flight patterns will be disturbed and flights will change. No one will be harmed and we will all sleep better when it is over. Growth requires change. Even rivers have to move along to stay alive. Water left sitting becomes stagnant.

The Lord promised us water to refresh our souls so that we would thurst no more.

I trust that she is providing that water each day.

Everyday I trust a little more that the Lord in her Heaven knows what is best for me and leads me to the pasture just at the right time to feast upon the meal she has set before me.

No harm will come my way and I will live safely in Her protected garden forever.

Yep - my own rendition of the 23rd Psalm...

Now to sleep - perhaps to dream - thanks Will!


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