Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wonderings and Small Miracles

Every day I drive a stretch of Highway that states 'ROUGH ROAD AHEAD' and I chuckle to myself and merrily drive down that road.
I wonder if LIFE had that sign would we turn around and go another path?
I wonder if LIFE had that sign would people be stronger or weaker?
I wonder if LIFE had that sign would people make better choices?
Funny how a road sign can make you think.


I have been having 'puter problems. Among other things that are going on around here it was not high on the priority list... DH said - just uninstall .... and reinstall .... well that sentence sat in the lap for a few days while I wrapped my courage around it.... (read above note about another path). So last night I just decided at 10:30 pm to be as brave as can be and just did what he said.

Voila! Back in blogging business! Now to get caught up with life, liberty and the pursuit of planting and finishing up the small details of life!


A friend moved back into town - fun to have old friends around.


Plants still being patient. The garden is all rototilled and now the weather and I need to meet in the middle!

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Listen, Spring is dearly upon us. Can you hear the tree frogs at night? Can you see the spring stars?
Listen can you hear the small still voice inside telling you that you can do what you dream?

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. (Message from calendar)



The Curmudgeon said...

Glad you're back in business.

Interesting thoughts on signs. But where in LIFE can you pull over until the repair crew gets there? And wouldn't such a sign be on every alternate route?

Where fibers meet mud said...

I am not sure that people would pull over and wait for the repairs... I think, like myself, they just go bumping on along the rough road... there are other ways to get to work... I choose to go over this rough road from time to time because it is shorter.