Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deer today, gone tomorrow

I love spring and summer
I love to get up in the morning and go outside with my faithful cup of coffee and walk about the garden
Today I found lovely sticks where the tomatoe plants and pepper plants of yesterday had been.
Deer were here!
It was interesting that they lasted 48 hours before being found... humph!

I was in for a battle. Husband and I researched "ZOODOO" which I discovered is no longer sold by the local Zoo - so the next best thing was - Deer Scram - which I did find at the local garden store and another dozen tomatoe plants and a few other things (of course) for the front and side gardens and a few herbs. Then I spotted Coyote Urine and bought some of that also.

I replanted the tomatoes and the other dozen seedlings I had in waiting. I then made 8 little cups with rolled old towel pieces in them and filled each cup with a Casey "present" and poured the Coyote urine on the pile. I neatly placed them in circles of stone - like on little altars - and said a few deer blessings and felt good about everything. For good measure I did sprinkle the Deer Scram around the border too! In for a penny in for a pound the Husband suggested!

We will see what we will see.

I have about 8 more plants. I also have two earth boxes which may well be the way to have my tomatoes and eat them too!

There was a purple flower in the middle of the garden I was about to identify with the book I uncovered from the pile last night -OH humph!

Once upon a time I use to fence in the garden with the green poles and fencing. I am not sure I want to look at that. The fencing was fun to grow beans and morning glories on! I am not thinking I want to look at all that fence!
Here the garden is easily 20 by 20 - should be plenty for all to eat - I would share if they left me anything to share!

Sleep beckons. Day is done. Deer are in their glory and I hope they smell the coyote scent and decide to leave my yard alone! I did not protect the dozen roses or the 8 day lilies in the front or the hostas! I am a virtual snack bar for deer! I should just open a deer snack bar and charge admission!

Tomorrow is another day. Be happy. Enjoy what you do. Enjoy who you are with. Keep the smile - it still makes people wonder what you are up to!

I bought some toys today. Fun silly toys that make you laugh... so ready for a long weekend!


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