Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have no clue how it happens.
I start out with the intentions of only looking, then it is trimming the flower heads, which turns into filling a few pots and emptying a few plant trays and then there is the watering and all of a sudden each plant is only two shades of grey - light and dark.
The moon is out and the frogs are chirping not the birds.
What happens and when I do not know. At what exact moment does dusk become night?
I wonder these things a lot in the summer. In the winter - who cares - I am already inside and it does not matter too much to my play time.
Indeed I played tonight.
First I went to the 4th grade promotion ceremony at the elementary school.
There is something special about a 4th grade year that if successful can really send your life in the right direction.
From all apparent displays - the year was successful and the students are truly hard workers who love to learn.
I had a few plants to distribute about the yard.
So, while I talked to my friend who is in the hospital with a drain in her side in Lake County, I planted them.
I learned over the years to cluster plants in groupings of odd numbers.
Three of one kind and two of another in similar hues makes for an interesting garden spot.
Little islands of color is what I am going for this year.
I had other plans last winter - they are in a holding pattern - I like the plan as it is going this year and will stick to it for a few years.
Plain and simple to the left - islands of color to the right. Great plan and everyone is happy.
OK tonight I did not drink any drinks with caffiene for supper.
No Chinese tea.
I plan on sleeping for a few hours in a row tonight.
Last night I saw 11:15 pm when I started sleeping and then it was 12:22 am, 1:44 am, 3:22 am and 5:52 am.
Each time I just rolled over and acknowledged that I was going to be a bit sleepy Tuesday.
Not so bad.
I guess I am accustomed to being sleep deprived.
We also turned on the air conditioner because the house was muggy last night and the bedroom was also muggy.
Not for happy making.
Tonight cooler bedroom should make for good sleeping.
Sleeping has never been my strong suit.
Tomorrow is Wednesday already - that calls for a big WOO HOO!
Tomorrow night I will play in the garden of herbs and vegetables.
Plant a few more.
Plant some seeds about the edges and just see where I am with the whole garden plan...
Plants will be on sale soon - Tarragon is on the list of things to find on sale.
Sweet Dreams to each and every dreamer out there. Focus on your dreams and make them come true. No sense having dreams unless you work on their completion.

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