Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The Mud Man and I are going to convene in the garden this weekend (I hope we can).
When all was said and done there was a large pile of dirt from all the excavation. It is patiently waiting. In the way back are compost bins that need attention. They are patiently waiting. In the basement you see what is patiently waiting and the over flow is out on the deck now that the party is over.
When the trees came down about two years ago the men ground down the stumps and in sheer desperation when all the destruction started I transplanted in that area. The soil is mostly fiberous roots and some clay. Not really great for plants.
I have lost more than I kept in these last two years.
So when the convention starts I am going to temporarily relocate all the living plants to a "safe" place and the Mud Man will get a roto tiller and roto away at the soil that is extra and the fiberous roots too.
It is his hope that we can get them all to one level and well mixed up.
Then the patient tomatoe plants, the patient peppers and some herbs can take the new location over for their reward for being patient.
I am going to somehow block off an area for mints. I have some sunflower seeds to plant because they make me happy. I have all kinds of things to plant. The area will probably be as big as the deck.
I bet I fill it all. I have been patiently waiting afterall.
Pictures of all the fun will come after the weekend. The rest of the week will be spent finishing up the promise of the dove kite order....

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The Curmudgeon said...

Good luck gardening. It's not my thing... but my wife loves it.

I do like the sunflowers though -- and how so many birds go after the seeds even when the flowers are gone. It's great to watch.