Sunday, May 27, 2007


You know what you do on a Sunday Sabbath

We ate, read, napped, splashed, soaked and did nothing. It was THE best Sabbath I have had since 2001. All the things that have had to be done - all the events that had to be held - all the life cycles have been crossed - we are at a point where we can choose and pick what is mandatory and we can rest in between.
Personally I am exhausted.
There is a certain energy that comes with emergent events.
I spent all that energy. GONE! as one of my former bosses had a habit of saying.
Now is just time to live. To celebrate life and the choices that are ahead. Not to react but to act. Not to burn bridges but to build them. In the liturgical season I love the common time. If I had to label this period in my life - I would call it the common time.
I indeed did start the two circular needle knitting socks. I am probably 4 rows along. Tomorrow after a few more rows I will gather some time and take pictures.
ON A MUD NOTE: I also started some weeding that is really badly needed. Pulling weeds in clay soil that has never seen an ounce of organic matter is HARD. Tomorrow the Mister and I are searching some of the piles we have accumulated over the years for some organic matter for the front yard. Possibly more pictures...
We will have to see what NOTHING looks like tomorrow... it is a holiday... a second Sabbath. PRAISE GOD, She knows what I need - another day to play.
I love to play especially outside!
Take the day off - tell your boss I said it was OK!


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yorlor said...

yay!!!! for nothing., peculiar aristocratic title? ... methinks your blog friends are wierder than mine.
hope you enjoyed the hot tub for the both of us.