Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thank you Emily and John

One day, earlier this summer, I was pretty upset because the local deer population ate my Sunflower plants. There was something so VanGogh about picking sunflowers that it was not even rational to consider elsewise.
So John and Emily planted some seeds in a small wading pool by the deck. I have watered them religiously and have cared for them each day. Today the gift was given to me. Sunny flowers. Taller than I am. Brilliant yellow. Happy making for a Sunday.

Oh and of course Jackson! He makes me happy too and he left them alone to grow which was a good thing.
I thought I might have socks to show you. But recovering from exhaustion is hard work. Watched two movies from the couch - Man of the Year with Robin Williams and Relative Strangers with Danny DiVito. They were both good and I stayed awake for both and rested while I watched them.
Jackson and I walked each day and that feels good to do again - I miss my walks when my work overtakes my life... Serious thinking ahead about the balance that I wanted when I took this job... Balance needed - it will be reevaluated October 7th...
Sleep beckons.
Prayers for those that wait and watch and weep this night.
Thanksgiving prayers for those things that make our days so extraordinary that without them we would not be who we are.
Thanks for the quiet moments of this weekend and the beauty in nature that renews the soul.

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