Friday, September 14, 2007

How do the walls in your house get thick?


First you put furniture in the room

Then there is the lamp or table

Then a basket on the floor for decoration

Then near the basket you take off your shoes
The dog lays down in his bed
You leave the papers there
The project you were working on last week is placed next to the basket which already has shoes, papers and the project laying there. Now you are a good 4-5 feet away from the wall – that my friend is how the walls get thick. You vacuum around them and ignore the space between them and the wall. Humph!

How do kitchen counters get thick? First you have 36 or so inches of counter space. You have a bowl of fruit – then a bowl of fresh harvest – a cookie tin – a toy from the dog – a bag of beans and all of a sudden you cannot even put a cutting board of any dimension on the counter top…. Humph!

So that is how your walls get thick. I noticed that the yard boundaries get thick too! Lawn furniture – decorations – then there is the assembly of used or to be used pots – a hose – some fallen sticks and all of s sudden you are trimming 3 feet from the border because you have stuff on the grass… HUMPH!

So if this is apparent to me – maybe this is the time to de-thicken the walls – put things away and get a little straightness in my life again… Once upon a time I called this clutter – now I just see it that I started a sentence and left it hanging in mid air unfinished!
So maybe this weekend I will unthicken things. Maybe. Fall beckons so the outdoors will be rearranged and with the change in the season so will the indoors. It is just odd that so much collects around the edges of life.... but I guess that is pretty standard... for me... collecting things around the edges.... even the hips collect things! HUMPH!


landgirl said...

Best description I've ever read of how things accumulate. I live in an old farmhouse and with just my husband and me we still manage to fill in the edges around the rooms.

Where fibers meet mud said...

After reading this I think I am a minimalist in decorating style - the people I know decorate my life!