Saturday, September 8, 2007

A MOST Unusual Day

I got home on Saturday morning when I left for work on Friday morning. 16 hour days are not on my list of things to repeat. I have been good about trying to leave on time give or take an hour. The major event season will be over after the first week of October. I will adjuicate life after that.

I napped in the mid-morning and still had plenty of day left to accomplish some errands. I chatted with my two Ohio daughters this midday and my grand-daughter who had just finished a Soccer game - lost by one point - which is good for anyone playing in this heat!

It was an unusal event - I cooked dinner while it rained. I wore a sunviser to keep the rain drops off my glasses! I know I was a site - but hey - It is Saturday and you can be as you will on Saturday. You could hear the trees saying "Please do not stop raining", but it did. Tomorrow is Sabbath.... most deserved.

I have become intrigued by sock knitting machines. Very new on the learning curve. I can with focus and normal working days - hand knit a single sock in a week. The machines knit them in little over two hours - two socks. What a concept. Still some hand work - but you always have handwork on socks! If you are interested in seeing one - type Gearhart in the YouTube video search screen and you can watch a machine knit socks.

When we were first married DH and I saw regular knitting machines - they were interesting too. Such fun things out there for the retirement years. I can hardly wait. I will pick my toys carefully in those days of play.

I chatted with my daughter in Chicago - she works in a hospital and brings home all kinds of sickies. She works with kids on the off time - whom I often consider germ factories! I know why she is sick - her environment breeds germs.... By the time we got off the phone she was better - - - hydrated and her blood was flowing better because of the pepper she spiced her chicken soup with...

OK - time to consider sleep - tomorrow I will consider taking apart more pots of flowers... Tomorrow I will take pictures of the sunflowers that my granddaughter planted for me when the deer ate the ones in the garden... the soccer playing - dancing diva is also a bird watching gardener! Hummingbirds were dining on the sunflowers - that site will keep me going for a long time...


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