Friday, February 1, 2008

What really determines a pair of socks?

Top sock is Classy Slip-on from Betsy Lee McCarthy. Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn. Knit from the top down. This sock is to be finished during the CNN debate tonight and then the MSNBC Countdown program.

Bottom sock is Foxgloves from Cat Bohrdi. Knit in Yarn art. Knit from the toe up.

Now why knit two socks together at the same time - so I had a visual example of what it would look like - I am a visual learner. I also like to have a challenge. Bottom sock will be finished this weekend as I have decided to ground myself - stay home and knit!

Google does not want to load this to the blog tonight – too much democracy taking place! So this is really my February 1 posting - but I did get under the wire on SAM 5!

So what kind of day did you have little girl? Well it started when the yogurt exploded in my purse. Then it leaked on the new seat covers in my car. So the cats thought I had a milk bottle for them in my purse – sorry to disappoint you. I have carried yogurt in my purse in the morning ever since yogurt became the staple that it is today during the late 1960’s and NEVER have I had one explode.

I am not trying to compete with anyone on bad days, but really, I almost went home and went back to bed. I persevered onward. I took care of the cats and went on to the job. Where my plans for the day were redirected by people who do not feel the passion I do for outreach and education of women.

Onward I went and finished a lot of to-do’s and then came home to an absolutely divine dinner. Now the debates have started. The side I am on is not necessary to express, I just love the discourse. I hope that they decide to answer the questions tonight.

Google does not want to load this to the blog tonight – probably all those people watching the above event on-line!


So how is your family doing? My middle sister is on a well deserved vacation to Florida and New Orleans. My daughter is in Hocking Hills for a little get-a-way with her husband. We are staying home and enjoying several years of Christmas presents: Chairs, hottub, yarn and books.


Friday was a bit rough too - but I decided that if I could pull a U-turn on a busy street as a habit of life I could just about conquer a crappy day. And so I did. I also wore these great socks that I finished last night

Now I have decided to finish the other pair, start again on DD#3's sweater and teach DD#2 how to knit (at her request)
That is a wrap... Sweet winter dreams

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