Saturday, February 16, 2008

Confession is good for the knitting!

I had put Lori's sweater in Hiatus for a year. I needed a year to clear my head.

Now I know I proofed the pattern when I laid it out - I know my pattern could not have purposely skipped a whole column - but I did - so even last night when I was exhausted and after reattaching the shoulder saddles to the front for the third time - I just stopped and looked and counted and looked again - - - in all my sorrow from all the things that went on about me - - - - I simply did not add in the filler stitches on the left side of the pattern - so I was unable to get the start I needed...

So tonight on a clean sheet of paper I have laid out the neck front again and this time - with a few added stitches in the ditch between the cables - I will have even numbers on both sides and life will go cabling along - - Oh Lord of Twisted Stitches I Pray!

TomorrowI will be teaching Sunday School - the lesson is Prayer and we will be making Prayer Beads - so I will practice my prayers while I stitch - you do realize that both knitting and cross stitching are my deepest form of prayers - all my stories are placed there and woven neat - unlike the reality that we traverse each day.

Healing prayers to my daughter and my sister - they both have big ouchies!

Dear Lord - father and mother to us all - be with my daughter and my sister as they heal - give them your patience - give them the energy to mend and knit the bones and tissues back together in wholeness and health. Oh we do indeed pray.

Rest up - Monday cometh!


Anonymous said...

Monday cometh indeed!!

yorlor said...

i'm digging thr new lay-out. your bother-in-law has infected you...

and so i see a little more what you mean when you talk about knitting. the second sock was just harder, because the first one was knit almost entirely in your house. where i sat in a knitting stupor. the second one has laddering all down the foot, and i didn't redo it after the third time. i just couldn't level out the stiching in my own house. but there they are. my very first pair of home made socks!!!

cannot WAIT to see that sweater all done up and ready to go! i will wear it in the heat of sugust, i swear i will. my children will try and steal it from me and i will tell them to learn to knit their own d--- sweater! Bring it on!!

little one