Thursday, February 7, 2008

So, I was walking the dog

The weather was actually balmy outside. There were pockets of fog that you walked through and the fog made the night not so dark, almost grey like.

I was thinking about how a year ago it was 10 below zero in Cleveland and we were staying in a hotel having just buried my Dad. I was thinking how BK died today and is in heaven now, at peace with no more pain or struggle. I was also thinking how much my daughter will miss her and I was glad that it was not 10 below zero tonight.

My next thought was how Dad would walk Charlie every night.

Then, something very strange happened. Jackson stopped and started acting like someone was there petting him, tail wagging, head up, happy to see someone. I did not see anyone in the area or on the street. It was calm and waves of fog were about me. I felt Dad’s presence and then I heard these words in my mind:

“BK is with us now. She is fun to be with. She loves music and art. She is perfect. Thanks for sending your very best to us. We will be gone for a while now travelling. We will be OK. We have museums to see, great Symphonies to hear and trails to hike. We may even teach her to like Jazz."

I heard Dad chuckle and the conversation was over.

That quick Jackson went back to walking like no one was near.

The weather started to chill, the fog lifted, and the wind started to blow.

We were home and the peace inside from those moments will be palpable for a while I am sure… I think life will be grand now. I think everything is going to be OK...

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yorlor said...

amen and amen.

you're right. she isn't with us right now. she's making peace with her self.

good to know she's in good hands. and good luck getting her to like jazz. if anyone can do it, g'pa can!