Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Socky Socky Rainy Rainy

This is a really cool sock pattern and I love the yarn - they are going to Illinois in a week or so because they are especially made for the feet of my daughter!
The pattern reminds me of her.

These are the small cherry variety of tomatoes. Can you see the deck is wet? It rained enough to wet the deck. That was all. I was watering in the front yard under the tree while it rained because the Hosta were begging for water. As I sprinkled I heard a big frog croak thanks. That was so cool. The thunder chased me inside but I left the hose there because tomorrow I will water the frog again!

After the rain I went outside and watered some plants that followed me home with the two bales of straw. I hate to weed and the straw will break down and help the soil not be so clay like and my feet will not get so muddy when walking on straw.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the bird nests are all lined with straw - which is fine with me.

I think the plants like to be mulched with the straw. I hope so because I have almost two more to apply. Then it is just growing season = * = * = * = well - I do have a few packets of seeds that I am just going to put in the soil and let them grow - a few more sunflowers - some nasturums - some four o-clocks - a few wild flowers and a couple of swiss chard packets and lettuce seeds. Then I am finished planting... just in time to harvest the 'maters.

Something about earth and plants and the hope that they bring out in me.

I love the hope that planting represents. It is eternal.

I can hear the pulsing of life as I watch things grow.

How small things like straw mulch, water, a few granules of fertilizer and some staking all make such a difference in the plant itself.

Life is just like that - hope filled.

These are my prayers tonight - they are real people with real pain attached O Lord - hear my prayers.

I pray for the sick and infirmed.

Please heal the new mother who got sick while giving birth to new life.

My friend is facing some challenging surgery, guide the hands of the surgeon, I pray.

Pray for me so that I exercise to keep the body in a working mode.

I pray for the ones that are homeless tonight.

I pray for the sad that lost a friend to terrible violence.

I pray for those facing change.

I pray that leaders develop a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.

I pray that people look for the soul in everyone and take the time to bless the soul in the other.

I pray for those having a birthday tomorrow! What a great day to be born.

I for one am glad I know someone who was born on June 27.

Peace to you this day and all days.


yorlor said...

i will have my very own pair of oma knt socks!!! i've been wanting a pair for a while now, but didn't want to ask.
and purple to boot! only my mother.
yay for knitting and productivity and giving.

wovensunshine said...

Fran, you left a comment recently about the new Aran I'm designing. And I come here, and what do I see? The most beautiful socks. Hmm. I'm jealous!!! Somehow sock making seems far more intimidating than the design/Aran knitting!

Love the cat under the finch socks! Sweetpea and he would make a infamous pair.