Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Went to the garden and the thought went away... slipped out and grew something...
I work in the garden and the time goes away.
I fill the compost bins. The waste of today becomes the good earth of tomorrow. The clay certainly is awaiting the improvements.
I look at the deer prints... I wonder how they are doing because for the numbers of prints there is a whole herd
I see that the deer did indeed trim the maple tree again
I am beginning to think the varmit that eats the peppers is a rabbit or possibly the turtle...
The rabbit does not eat the lettuce because the jute from the straw is there
I now have foil ears on the stakes of the peppers which is advice from the neighbor
More evidence that it is a bunny
So I guess I will be able to pick up messages from low flying aircraft now with all the foil ears on the posts. It reminds me of something you may have seen on "My Favorite Martian" TV show.
I finished a sock that I think is just sheer fun. I love the knitted socks. They make me feel good when I wear them. I gave my Granddaughter the one sock I had pictured a few days back - she likes to wear two different socks - I had knitted my journey from sorrow to joy in that sock - I could not replicate another sock with the prayers and thoughts that went into it - so I gave it away.
My freind is doing better. Referred to another doctor. More waiting. Her son was home on leave since he finished Marine Boot Camp. She was happy to see him and was at peace at his leaving for more training. We can pray that he can train for peace.
I wonder about people who cannot love. I know a few people whose ability to be loved or to love is broken. I wonder about them a lot when I garden. Seems that since the children are grown and on their own - I nurture plants as much as I use to nurture and love on the kids.
So - go and love someone. Listen to them until that space in your heart is openned.
I have found that is what love is about.
My heart is open to the people that I love and they respect the open place I hold each one of them.
Plenty of room in the heart for love.
After 35 years I can say that the lessons in love never really end.
Love changes and recreates itself constantly.
Each day on the journey is a new opportunity to love.
I am glad it transcends the physical.
I am glad it matures along with us each day.
I am glad that I have loved all the people I know.
I never wasted love.
It has always found its way back to me.
Be at peace.


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