Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saturday night Sunday morning

I spent the early part of Saturday making kites which went well. Each kite takes 5 minutes to sew. In total each kite takes about 30 minutes to manufacture and the are easy enough - just the repition gets to me after a while.

I spent all the time from noon onward building the deck (also known as an air craft carrier)

It is rather huge! Covers the space from the back sliding door where there was a smallish screened in porch all the way to the sidewalk where there was a concrete patio to the new shed barn. Adds about 800 square feet of living space which about doubles our space and I am so excited. In reality I would rather be outside than inside any hour of the day or night.

I got to use the palm nailer today. What a fun tool. No shoulder pain tonight, just every other bone in my body hurts. The framing is all finished. The builder and designer needs to finish running the conduit under the deck before we start laying the surface because he is going to run electricity to the huge shed for light and running of things electric.

Tomorrow will be another deck building day with a soccer game thrown in there for fun and a little change up in activity. I will do the last stages of the kites and get them ready for delivery.

If I can figure out how to take a picture under 800 bits and bytes I will post a picture here soon. I even downloaded Picasa2 for ease of blogging but alas the shots are too high in bits and bytes. So stay tuned I have been given a challenge. Everyone knows me and if the answer is NO I will work things until the answer is YES in circumstances such as these.

My friend got a job at Children's Hospital and will be moving back here in early May and I am rather excited that she is coming back here. She will enjoy the deck too... Now to look at a few catalogues for plants



Janet Szabo said...

Yes, I want to see a picture of the aircraft carrier deck. I know you are looking forward to how much use you will get out of it this summer. We love our wraparound porch.

Jackie said...

I know I will love the new deck and hope to spend a goodly amount of time on it.