Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday at last!

Long week. Weekend produced lot of building activity which I could not post to the website. If you want a picture of the deck email me and I will send one to you.

I enjoyed all building and progress. So much needs to be done before the decking goes into place it amazes me. Like, you build your own skeleton out of bricks and blocks and then cover it with wood and decorate with plants. It actually does become a living thing because of all the work you have put into the structure. And here my DH thinks I am truly zoning when I stare off into space. Huh! lots of deep work going on there!

This week the weather was suppose to be bad but inbetween all the supposed weather there was lots of progress on the unseen parts of decking. Railings and electric wiring and new posts in place.

After the day job, I changed into super gardener and planted and dug like there was never going to be a day to garden again. That was a great release for all the stress I have been carrying around. I talk pretty loud to God when I am outside and we had the best processing of matters of the heart and head that I have had since last fall when this current stretch of the journey began. Lots of plants were happy to see my activity increase too. I did plant them in pots under the grow light but they enjoy their natural surrounds much better and seem to be happy living in the mud.

At any rate the processing allowed some muscles to relax but not all. Uneven relaxation creates an opportunity to visit chiropractor. Healing nicely today thank you!

This weekend will be busy. I have a Health Fair on Saturday and the children are going to the installation of our new Bishop Briedenthal. Husband has a meeting on Sunday and there are some segments of the skeleton of the deck that need an extra set of hands before it is sheeted.

So I am not sure how the weekend will play out. I am just glad it is Friday and I am here now and ready to enjoy the day ahead.

Blessing dear friend blessings of peace to you today and all days.


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Zoey said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

I hope your back is getting better!

I know it's hard work building a large deck. We went through the same thing years ago. It was worth every minute of the labor, though.
We spend all of our free time out there during the warm weather.