Friday, April 6, 2007


What matters is that you do not squander your moments of silence and solitude.--

"The Cloud of Unknowing" quoted in "Silent Hope" by John Kirvan

A huge place to learn.
Called upon in large venue it is always hard to attain.
Sought out in solitude it is almost deafening.

Once I went on a SILENT RETREAT. The first few hours we so difficult that I almost left. After sleeping and not speaking in the start of the day the silence was a companion to me that was hard to part from when the retreat was finished.

I wonder if there was silence when Jesus was cruicified. I wonder if the people stood there for a moment and had that sunken stomach feeling like "Oh what ever did I do?" I wonder if they even realized how much they had completed a sentence that was started long before they were born.

I can only imagine how the friends and family felt as they saw him dead on the cross. They had no clue that the most wonderful miracle was about to happen because they were loved. I doubt they felt loved then or could even utter the word. They must have been so devastated. I know how you feel when someone you love dies in a peaceful fashion. I cannot imagine even being able to breath after witnessing what history tell us happened.

And yet because we know about the story and how it shifts in 24 hours we can be a people of great hope and love. We know that the cold grave owned by Joseph of Aramathea would not hold the love, could hold the hope, could lessen a life lived. The grave for Jesus was only a beginning of faith - hope - love poured into the world for you and me.

I am an Easter person.
I know that there is resurrection.
I have felt it in life already.

Silence - let us not waste the moments of silence where we learn.
Where we hear the gentle voice of God telling us we are loved and forgiven.
Surely we have time to listen in silence for that great gift... can you hear it? can you feel it? do you see it? I will sit quietly here with you while you wait for that still small voice....


Janet Szabo said...

Fran, if you ever write a book of devotions, I'll be the first one to buy a copy. Your writings are just lovely.

Where fibers meet mud said...

Thanks Janet... I have considered that option. Meditations on HOPE.

I will definitely keep the thought on the surface and see what comes of it.

yorlor said...

yes, momma. meditations on HOPE would indeed suit you.