Tuesday, April 3, 2007


  • If you think about executing a plan for a deck the weather will produce snow, rain and hail!
  • If the plants you have been waiting for arrive the weather will produce snow, rain and hail!
  • If you think that spring is here because the Dogwood trees are blooming the weather will produce snow, rain and hail!
  • If you think that the hot tub would feel good because of the weather producing snow, rain and hail! Forget about it! It is closed during construction season!
  • If you think that snow, rain and hail are only a description of weather - in actuality - it is a description of a season of growth and internal development of the soul.
  • Snow, rain and hail are hard things to endure in a season but as I grow I find the hard times actually produce the best fruits.
  • I appreciate the spring more this year having spent a day in a blizzard in subzero winds - thinking that spring will never come and I will never feel alive again because this bone freezing experience was too much to comprehend and almost too much work to recover.
  • I chatted with my baby sister yesterday for about an hour.
  • Chatting with your sister is good for the soul. It heals the weather that brings snow, rain and hail.
  • My sister has a birthday tomorrow. She is gathering her daughter and life friend together for a day. Her life friend may be on the other side of the ether next year so the party this year is important to have for my sister.
  • My friend in Louisville has a very important job interview tomorrow. A group sought her out and asked her to interview for the job. She will do fine because she is more than qualified and it is her turn to have a sunny day.
  • If the Cleveland Indians make it to the Pennant race we will know that God is in Her heaven and Mom and Dad are sitting beside Her helping the Indians win the series.
  • Somethings are no longer important to me and others are so important that they consume my every thought.
  • I use to stay awake long into the night and fight the feeling of sleep. Now I feel sleepy and I have beat my Loving Husband to bed on occasion which is so odd that I cannot believe that I am doing it.
  • I wonder how beautiful the sky must look from Heaven toward earth.
  • I wonder when I learned I could read aloud in church.
  • I wonder if my family knows I love them very much.
  • I wonder if you met me in a shopping mall would you know that I like all of humanity because we all reflect the face of God.
  • I wonder about life sometimes.

1 comment:

The Curmudgeon said...

I'll overlook the Cleveland comment because it is obviously sincere....

But on the snow and rain in the Spring... sometimes we just have to say the hail with it....

(Sorry. Couldn't help myself.)