Monday, September 8, 2008


Admit it - we all do it - cheat around the edges of things. As HOUSE says in his TV show "We all lie."

The recipe calls for 2 T and we add heaping T's.

The label says add 60# of air - we go 62#.

The directions say assemble with these tools - we make do with a table knife.

OK - you get the picture.

We (the Mister and I) are on an eating plan. We count calories. He gets 500 per meal and I get 400 per meal. I never leave food on my plate - ever - I lick the last grains of rice off the plate. It is hard to do these meals - we are accustomed to having gravy and sauces on our meats. BUT when you add them now - they count toward the bottom line - that is living loose and free with the calories.

Over the weekend we grilled our sandwiches that had yogurt cheese - turkey - tomato and mustard. We were living high off the hog and all within the numbers with enough left to have a cup of soup!

I would rather be dieting now then recovering from a coronary in a few years. We will stick with it - keep exercising - keep eating right - we want to vacation a lot more times with the grandchildren - we like these vacations a lot...

OK my calories and my sleep are important - you loose weight if you rest enough - and hold on to the weight if you do not - has to do with stress... stess holds weight - relaxation releases weight... night now - check you another day when we can play loose and free with planting stories... gardens to move around this fall... HURRAY - they have been there two years and have grown well - time to move things around the yard!

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