Sunday, March 25, 2007


So I am a brave sort of a woman and I feed the birds and buy corn for the squirrels.
No big deal that raccoons like to dine in my trash cans.
I grow worms in my compost bin with lots of tender loving care.
I like fish, frogs, cats, dogs, snakes and most human beings.

I draw the line at mice and rats.

I do not do hamsters or guinea pigs either.

I think that the fact that you did so many things with mice in biology may have totally destroyed that adventure for me. I love looking in the microscope and seeing cells.
Touching mice and holding them in class for experiments.

So why do I think there is a mouse in the house? On my work table was this track of what looked like oil. Now people know to leave my area alone because it is used to make WHITE DOVETAIL KITES. So I wiped it up but there was no petroleum smell but rather a very distinctive rodent smell. We had mice in our house in Wheaton, IL and I dealt with them while my husband traveled. A little DECON glued with Liquid Nails to the inside of the wall between the dry wall and the chimney - put back the piece you took out and there you are - GONE.

At my former office there was a mouse. I thought I was getting a migraine because I kept seeing this black thing out the side of my eye - like a flash - which is what signals a migraine - but nothing happened... until I saw that flash stop as it went across my line of vision. Here is this grown woman - on a chair - screaming for her boss to come and get the mouse in the office. I must have scared the mouse because it was so startled that the two bosses got a box and scooped it up and took it to freedom.

I have two cats - they will be in the house until I feel all is well.

I do a lot of things. I DO NOT DO MICE. I am brave right up until now. I am sure the Mister will come across with the solution and he will check the solution until I am satisfied they are GONE. Think I will move the bird food outside to the shed.

Sweet Dreams.

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