Saturday, March 10, 2007


It is Saturday, finally. Some weeks are just longer than others.

I have a plan in place. Travel downtown to see some old friends and do an hour of Jazzercise. Come home and do some kites because the order is due on Tueday.

DH installed a router so I can run my laptop from work without closing down the personal computer! I will forward what I need printed to the personal PC and voila - it will be like real work...

I chatted with my sister yesterday. That was fun. We got caught up on a variety of stuff that women just chat about and that felt good. We both admitted that the fog was lifting and maybe next week we would be conscious of our surroundings every day. My question is: While I have been in this fog - who was driving my car? I do not see any big dents so I guess I missed all the permanent obstacles! Whew!

Happy Birthday to my priest friend in Columbus Ohio. Enjoy the day! You are a blessing to the world.

We bought a bird feeder for finches two weeks ago and the results have been overwhelming. At any one time there are about 20 finches at the feeder. Awesome. DH was the person that thought about getting them and put them in the cart - BRILLIANT thanks.

I ripped out three inches of the sock I have been knitting all week. There were ladders and the pattern wobbled all over the place. Today smaller needles and more of them. The pattern called for 5 needles and I had 4. I know that one more would have made the pattern easier to follow because there would have been an even split of stitches to make each needle even and the pattern would not have had to be divided - - ergo it would avoid the tendency to ladder the stitches. I bought this book of sock patterns a while ago - the book is in the shape of a sock... DH just noticed this... silly man!

OK off to do breakfast and change into some Jazzercise friendly clothes - have to be able to do those kicks you know....

Chat later...

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