Saturday, March 10, 2007


A day at Spa Locust
Sleep until the cats decide they have been patient long enough
Coffee is ready after you feed the cats and is served in fine china mugs with Chocolate Soy milk
A very nice drive along the Ohio River delivers you at Jazzercise Class where you stretch and bend every joint and muscle you own and you visit with people you have not seen since January - great for the soul and the body
Another lovely drive along the river and you are in the area of Fiberge' the Local Yarn Store
Some knitting needles and sock yarn and a latte' for good measure and you are filling up the car because you never want the embarassment of calling the spouse and saying "er' ah' uhm I ran out of gas..." AAA will come and help you but you just do not want the embarassment, no matter who helps you!
Great lunch of champions - ala Peanut Butter and Bleuberry Jelly sandwich and cold Lactose free milk
Then the crown of the afternoon - a lovely 20 minute soak in the hot tub while you watch all the birds and squirrels scamper about the yard...
So the rest of the day will be spent on hobbies and cooking and just sheer relaxation
Happiness in your own back yard - don't get much better than that!

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