Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silence Inspires 2008

When we set aside time each day for deep communion with the infinite, then, as surely as day follows night, the light of inspiration will illuminate our beings." ~Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith
Maybe this is what I am missing this year.
I had a few rough Christmas seasons in the last few years and had plenty of silence because I was wondering how it was that I was at the head of the table. This year I am comfortable with my position and my age.
I have had plenty of laughter and noise - but no silence.
Everyone that knows me well, knows I have to have a fair amount of silence in my life to survive and create my space.
Today, I will create that space. I will silence all the noise in my head and in my environment and find the Season.
Get the action going.
Create the holiday and illuminate the way. I need to get going.
I think all the noise has frozen me in fear. Out of hear noise. Away fear.
Come LIGHT of the Season. Come JOY! Come HOPE! Come LOVE!!

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