Sunday, December 14, 2008

Discordant Disoriented Winter Time Blues

Lately, I have been in a discordant mood.

Sometimes sassy, sometimes quiet, sometimes just want to walk a mile and smile.

But not necessarily sure I was ever going to be in the right place at the right time to ever make a difference to anyone. I was suspecting that I was an amiable face in the crowd.

It seems that I get lost from time to time in my own little world. I question whether I make a difference in the tour of the globe about the sun.

Then out of the blue, I am late for church, I attend a different service, I see both old and new friends.

I hear a story that just about blind sides me and I look up to the heavens and say WOW! You made me late for this moment to occur. You wanted me here and now to wipe those tears away and hug those shoulders. Wow and all this time, I thought, I was aimlessly wandering the desert and I was actually following a star to this moment in time.


Not going to take so much for granted.

Going to thank my lucky stars that occasionally I get off the path and wander into new places and see old and familiar faces.

Going to continue to listen more and talk less because it seems that is how I do my best work.

Going to bend the knee in some deep prayers tonight.

I have a lot of things to discuss with the maker of the stars.

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