Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a little progress

There are strange acronyms in the knitting world!

  • TINKING is kniting backwards (repairing mistakes)

  • UFO's which are unfinished objects

  • WIP's which are works in progress

Now there is a fine line between UFO's and WIP's. I prefer to call items in that status ON HIATUS...

So there is this FLAK2 that I have been talking about bringing out of Hiatus. I did and the third start is the charm for sure.

I made a few changes to the pattern and I stayed with the changes so not they are part of the pattern and you may never even notice them. I remember how the cables flow - the timing of the twists and I remember how much like a river knitting cables really is - to me at least.

I love it - water is my favorite thing to be around - to play in - to swim in - to drink - just love water... and so my FLAK 2 is taking shape.

Here is the front section half way to completion before I begin the sleeve gussets...

Now I that I am about to start on skein three of the sweater I find myself counting the hours until I have an hour to work on the sweater... It really is compulsive at times...

The weekend is over... I am tired... I did some mandatory housework - laundry - vacuumed the front room - cleaned the bathtub - fed the birds and that was pretty much it... guess I had best get some other things done as there will be company coming for Easter!

SIGH less sweater time!


yorlor said...

just gorgeous.

simply me.

[as if there is much simple about me...]

Terry & Jonesy said...

FLAK! I just pulled mine out of hibernation (again)... maybe this time... oh well, I can enjoy looking at pictures of yours instead!

Terry SailingKnitter