Friday, March 7, 2008


There is a lot of talk about DO OVERS in Florida and Michigan.

I can understand but it worries me because the only time I ever want to DO OVER anything is when it is F*U*B*A*R. Now the thought that our election system is in that state really worries me.

Now why would I ponder DO OVERS? Because yesterday when I pulled out the FLAK 2 sweater I was working on I saw that I had completely run amuck on following the correct repititons of the patterns involved in the sweater. Now had this been an area under the arm, on the bottom edge, I may have fudged... but no it was front and center. So at 9pm I decided that this sweater deserved a DO OVER and I unraveled the yarn, the DH neatly balled it up for me, and alas here I am on my third attempt to Get'er done!

Rumor has it that the third time is the charm. Let us hope so!

OK then! The weather people have decided that 10 inches of snow would be a good idea. I bought two packages of chicken, Oreos, milk and some Ivory soap for dishes. Figured with that combo we could live for days...

Some emergency preparedness - I can hear my friend in Montana just shaking her head! I may need to borrow her rescue dog if we really get all those inches and it stays cold (giggle giggle giggle).

Off to the day. Have a good one - take a moment to thank the Lord for all your many blessings!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought it was just going to be a little snow, with some freezing rain. Come to find this morning I'm under a winter storm watch from noon today until Saturday night and they're expecting us to get between 10 and 14 inches of snow with two foot drifts. Buh, what? I'm supposed to go home and we were supposed to go to Cleveland, but I think that I was right last night when I told Mom the trip was probably not a good bet....