Saturday, November 24, 2007


It has been quite the year.
I remember very little of it - most if it is a blur.
That is OK except I find that it creates some circumstances that are truly not acceptable.
And they say confession is good for the soul.

Witness the fact that nowhere in the garden was Parsley even planted. Not even in a pot for the deck. What the heck was I thinking? I remember I was not thinking when I planned my garden, obviously. So I have bought a pot of parsley and it will grow on the kitchen window sill until it comes time to plant some in the spring.

I have been working longer hours than I have ever worked before. New job in 2006 has created some stressers that I did not even think about. What was I thinking? I was bored and going to work each day was getting harder and harder to do. So I instigated the change. Did the interview thing and have gotten what I deserve in the day to day.

Secondary to that change, the dear husband has taken up the cooking for the most part. He creates great food and it is hot and on the table when I get home. How wonderful is that? It is almost a no brainer! I do not look to see what we need when I shop and he never says what he used up in the creations - - - this will change now because.....
When it came time to make the turkey I openned the spice drawer and found NO poultry spices. No Rosemary
No Sage
No Thyme
No Parsley
Oh dear, but alas, I am a gardener. I had cut some of each of the above herbs earlier in the week and they have been hanging to dry for a few days.
So with great courage I chopped some up and in the dressing they went. I had no clue as to how much or how many. So I went with abandon!
I have held conversations about how I grow the herbs but very seldom use them in an Herb Group. The moderator of the herb list I subscribe to told me to start - what did I have to loose? So I at least had started collecting them to start using them - - without her guidance Thanksgiving may have been an entirely different day. Thanks Tina!
Well, I am off to the showers now... I have a sock (toe up construction) I am not happy with so there will be some TINKing in my future today and maybe start of a vest.
Back to your regular scheduled chaos!


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