Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Been crabby for the last few days

I have really negative reactions to any kind of sedation - or numbing element - it makes me cranky and crabby as it leaves my system...

OK so the dog eating my sock did not help... the stockings I have to wear for the leg surgery are making me nuts... lifting restrictions make me cranky because I am accustomed to moving what I want where I want it... I am not one to say "Honey, can you empty the trash?" and then wait - I empty the trash when I want to... I do the laundry when and how often I want to and if I go to the store - I never have had to ask "Can you please pack them light?" All this makes me sound like a whiner and I am not a whiner - - except when I am crabby - like today.

Things are not settling well with me... I hear the words of an old friend and Colleague "Always do the right thing." these words echo through my head as the daily events unfold - work - politics - news - environment - you name it - how hard can it be to do the right thing - how hard can it be to get along? Is holding your tongue such a hard concept - is letting another voice be heard such a travesty?


The garden is done and needs to be tilled one time before winter - I thought I was going to get some berry bushes planted - but not so much... come spring they will go in besides they still will not bear fruit this year and I need the time to get the deer gear ready!

I have been learning new sock patterns with Cat Bohrdi and her book - New Pathways for Socks - so much fun to learn to knit a sock from the toe up and to be able to expand for the ankle in your personal choice of areas - - - there is head work involved - - - but what fun to make the sock the way you want and put the increases at random and not according to a set pattern!

OH Kay - need to find the camera tomorrow and post really cute pictures of DH with the dog and the cat all laying on top of him as he rests on the Lounger - too cute - there is a picture of harmony - - - SIGH


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