Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Home sweet Home

It took us 9 hours to travel from Cleveland to Columbus because of the weather.
It was 2 hours from Columbus to Cincinnati - maybe more because we took a tour through some country roads and listened to Dad tell us stories in our own heads and then we went to eat lunch
I am thinking that Grandpa said to make them struggle to get home so that they will appreciate it more and God said OK
I called Tony while we were in the car. Tony said that he would plow the driveway and keep and eye on the house. Good ole' Tony.
Now if you are my children you are hearing me in my most affectionate affirmative way echo the sounds of the Italian neighborhood I grew up in. Yo Adrienne, would have been a sound you would hear in our neighborhood - - maybe sometimes Yo Estella, would ring through your window along with the wafting smell of sauce and meatballs and pizza. These little tiny Italian women making meals that would feed the multitudes and they were so tiny these women - it made you wonder how they lifted the pots - - maybe that is why we heard "Yo Tony, come here a minute."

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Janet Szabo said...

That was a beautiful eulogy. I am glad you got home safely.