Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Be careful what you ask for...

In September of 2012 I set out to become healthier - not unhealthy - but not happy with stature.

Since that time...  October 2012 the Mister had an episode that gave him a new Aortic Valve.  After a wonderful vacation in Chicago he collapsed as we were boarding the Megabus.  Thank God that it happened at 6:59am and not at 7:02am.  The angels that presented themselves that day were overwhelming.  Emergency people were there in less than 5 minutes.  ER doctor who said "I don't know what to tell you, but he was dead, and now he is alive."  Daughter at my side every minute.  Guardians taller and stronger than any building in Chicago cleared the way.  One can only surmise that life abundant is still to be lived.  

In 2013, I had three knee surgeries.  The first was scheduled as a Total Knee Replacement.  I had many adventures with medicines I will never take again.  I connected with an infection and had a revision (i.e., replaced knee with cement and lots of medicine to cure the infection) that introduced me to the wild world of IV medication and scary reactions.  In October, the knee was replaced and extended rods were installed because I am "an active person".   Since then I have rehabbed the knee.  Rekindled my loving relationship with life and as a wise woman I met along the way taught me.  I am starting again.  

I have delved into many different interpretations of Divine Presence throughout this adventure.  I found that my Celtic roots have always grounded me.  I know that Angels have always protected me.  I feel the wisdom of the Ages when I silence myself.  A decision to spend time with a basic story from the Gospel of John for the next 40 days has been made.  

Living life Abundantly.  Loving with wild abandon.  Being present to the moment.  Releasing the hold that flat screens have on my life.  Reuniting with Nature.  These are goals for the journey with the words from the Gospel of John.  HE SO LOVED THE WORLD.....  

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