Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life is not a Microwave

Some things take time.
Gardens take time to grow from seed to plant. Water, sunlight and care are needed to encourage the plants to grow.
Children take 9 months to mature from seed to child. You do not push a button and get the baby all developed in a few minutes of waiting.
Traffic lights take a few minutes to change colors. Yes, you will survive with waiting patiently. No, you cannot turn left on red if noone is coming when the light is red. No, you cannot ride up the turn lane for miles to avoid waiting in the long morning traffic.
It takes a few minutes to turn left on a Saturday Afternoon.
Healing takes time. Physical healing, spiritual healing, psychological healing all take time. Things have to level out. Bonds need to be invented again and made strong through exercise and patient waiting and rest. Healing, tenderly nurtured in the beginning will stand the test of time.
Love takes time to develop into a relationship. You do not go to and find the perfect person the first time - meet and marry in minutes. Love takes time. I do believe in love at first sight - but the relationship that stands the test of time and survives all the crazy curve balls that life throws - takes time and tender caring.
Cash registers take time.
Face it folks, life takes time. You have to wait for things. Just because you can go from ice cubes to boiling water in 3 minutes does not mean that every event under the sun can be performed at such a speed.
As a society we have become to expect everything will happen at microwave speeds.
Not so much.
I suggest that the planet take a universal sigh and cleanse that thought from their brains and learn to be just a little patient with the person ahead of them in traffic, grocery store, gas station, parking lot, drug store, golf course, and even on the street when walking the dog.
It all takes time and in the beginning and in the end - that is all we have - time.
Slowly stepping off the soap box and going to sleep - it is time for that!

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