Monday, January 1, 2007

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Sunday, New Years Eve, was a dig out day! We moved here in November 2001 and it has been one dam thing after another. I decided to unpack or give the boot to boxes left unopenned after 6 years in the basement.

I did just that - two boxes of stuff to Goodwill and two large bags in the bin. Out of here! I am ready for 2007 to be normal and calm and maybe even a little boring! Who knows it might be a different sort of experience. Probably not my experience - but hey it is always good to have a goal.

In the evening of December 31 as a tradition - DH and I played our 35th annual Scrabble game to celebrate the New Year. DH is a reader when not playing in the mud or sawdust or carpooling - it is one of his major hobbies. I like to knit, stitch, cook, garden or whatever I choose to entertain my hands that day. So playing Scrabble with DH is always a challenge and winning is even a bigger accomplishment! BUT I did it!

Monday we had the traditional Pork and Saurkraut with Mashed Potatoes and Applesauce. Some would consider that meal penence, but we call it celebration being good German and Irish people.

Now let the year commence. We are ready.

I saw that popular New Year resolutions are to find a new job, get in shape and exercise more. I have already done two of the three top resolutions. I just need to kick up the exercise a notch for January and February to counter any affects the lack of sunshine may have on my sense of humor. It is a thought and a goal - I will let you know how it goes. So far two days in a row...

Pray for one another this year. There are some lonely souls out there that need your prayers. Some confused people.

Pray that hopes stay alive.

Pray that youth are safe.

Pray that each person can be open to the next person that they meet that is different than they.

Pray for that still quiet voice to carry you through the dark lonely parts of your path.

Be patient with the driver in the car ahead of you.

Eat a really great salad for dinner and then a few cookies for desert.

Hug your sister or brother if you can.

Be kind one to another.

Enjoy the day...